Fevereiro 26, 2021

Doctor visit in Portugal during pandemic

This week I had an appointment with a doctor. It was very different from the ones I had in Poland. We went by car so it […]
Fevereiro 19, 2021

Why does Portuguese sound like Russian?

Having spent a bit of time here, I couldn’t help but notice that Pourtuguese language has similar sounds to Russian (or other Slavic languages). Based on […]
Fevereiro 12, 2021

Fat Thursday

Fat Thursday is a Polish Christian traditional feast before Lent connected with the celebration before the Ash Wednesday. It’s the last opportunity to eat forbidden foods […]
Fevereiro 5, 2021

3 series to watch during the lockdown

  I had a long break from watching series so I decided to make a list of what I want to watch whilist we are in […]
Janeiro 29, 2021

4 ways to survive the lockdown

After a few days of living here. Breaking news! We have a lockdown! A lot of questions, things to learn, to do and to practice. Even […]
Janeiro 22, 2021

My first week-differences

We all know that every country/region has its own culture and tradition. We all value our ancestors and the marks we have left after them. Some […]
Janeiro 20, 2021

A little about me…

Who am I? Hi, my name is Ada. I’m 19 year old and I came here from a small villeage in Poland. I’m going to stay […]