Abril 16, 2020


Olá, tudo bem todos ? Eu sou rosa da Jordânia. Desta vez vou escrever em português. O meu projeto está prestes a terminar, então, provavelmente, vou […]
Outubro 3, 2019

prehistoric necropolis

Have you ever been in a natural cave, or do you know anything about caves and how was it create? Well, this time I will tell […]
Setembro 26, 2019


If you visit a city for the first time, you should definitely look at and pose in front of all the popular sights monuments and the […]
Setembro 17, 2019

colors effects.

Did you know that what surrounds you may affect your emotions and mood? Have you ever noticed? Did you feel calm and relaxed in some places […]
Setembro 13, 2019


When we say that we know someone well, what we really mean is that we can make accurate guesses about what that person will do or […]
Setembro 5, 2019


I’ve been Portugal  for two months, life goes fast here. We went last week to a fair were we promote about RATO-ADCC  and receive questions, well […]
Agosto 21, 2019


 You know that the Portuguese have excellent taste when it comes to food! Portuguese love to eat and to enjoy their time with dear ones. I […]
Julho 31, 2019


The best part of the day is the time to drink coffee where we all gather to drink it, while we share talks, smiles and funny […]
Julho 17, 2019

My relationship with god

Have you ever wonder, why the opposite of what you wish happened, And with time you discover that it is best for you. for me It […]