New Adventures in Portugal with Rato-ADCC!

Privet! Pryvit! Hej! Hallo! Hello! OLÁ!

My name is Cyryl and this is my story of volunteering in Rato-ADCC.

Today I’m going to tell you about myself and the adventures that grace my life every day – it could be a long and interesting story, so welcome aboard! 


I was born in Russia, in the coldest city on Earth called Yakutsk. Life there is pretty harsh based on the climate and remoteness from the centre of Europe, but it’s great in its own way. I don’t remember much from there, but my mother told me life there had its charm.

My family and I moved to Donetsk (Ukraine), when I was five. It’s the city of a million roses, in the east of Ukraine. I spent my childhood and adolescence there, and it is the Donbass that I can call home.

I currently live in Katowice, which is a beautiful and rapidly developing city in southern Poland, close to the Czech and Slovakian border.
The province of Silesia, in which Katowice is the capital, was for many years an industrial area with coal mining as its main industry.

Nowadays Katowice is a green, clean and promising city for a happy life. Being practically in the centre of Europe, you can get to all destinations in a matter of hours.

I am also studying International Studies in Political Science and Diplomacy at the University of Silesia in Katowice.

The program was written to allow to continue education at the National School of Public Administration or the diplomatic and consular application. Perfectly qualified scientific and didactic staff, external experts, visits to international institutions and state administration – all of this will help the graduates power, after completing our studies, Polish and foreign public administration units and diplomatic representations. The curriculum also includes obligatory classes in French and Spanish.

The main goal of the studies is to prepare graduates for work in government administration, the civil service and, above all, in Polish diplomatic missions, international institutions and organisations, including European ones.

After Russia invaded Ukraine, many Ukrainians were forced to flee abroad to save their lives. In this difficult time, European society was forced to rally together to help Ukrainian refugees, while at the same time trying to maintain its independence and preserve its European values.

This was not my first experience as a volunteer. At the beginning of the war in Ukraine, we were providing information assistance together with the Silesian Office for Foreigners in Katowice.
This gave me additional motivation to take part in the Rato-ADCC project.

Why did I choose Portugal in particular? After living and working in Germany and Poland I was missing something incendiary, so the hot southern mentality will give me the opportunity to learn how to bring lightness and plasticity into my life to make this world a better place!

Working for the organization will allow me to see the difference in mentalities, be in an international team, learn the basics of the Portuguese language, and most importantly – bring something new to the
working process of the place.

Time at Rato will be very busy, so see you soon! 😉