Christmas is coming…

Christmas is coming… They are really close. This year I will spend Christmas with a Portuguese family who invited us a part of the ESN Lisboa program. On Tuesday we are going to Abrantes. When I come back I will tell you about the Christmas in Portugal from my point of view. Today I will write about Polish traditions.

The first difference between Christmas in Poland and Portugal is definetly the weather. Usually in this period in Poland are a sub-zero temperatures and often is a snow. Although in Portugal it is colder than I thought berofe arriving. It’s good that Nuno warned me because I would think that Portugal is an exotic country 😀 

Traditionally, on Christmas Eve there are 12 dishes on the table. which symbolize the number of apostles. Before eating we share the wafer The eve is fasting day, Christmas dinner is without meal. The table is dominated by dishes such as:  mushroom soup, beetroot, dumplings with cabbage and mushrooms and fish carp. Other dishes depend on family and region traditions.

After dinner, it’s time for present from Santa Claus. In some families gifts are brought by Jack Frost. The children are so happy then! At midnight, shepherdess is celebrated in the churches. Children are already less happy when they have to go to church. The first and second day of Christmas are bank holidays in Poland. It is a time of meeting family and friends. Everyone overeats and complains about it afterwards. It is a beatiful time! Boas festas a todos 🙂