Christmas in Portugal

It is already after the New Year but I would like to tell you about the adventure we had with Paulina on the Christmas. By the way I wish everyone happy New Year! On Christmas Eve we went by bus to Abrantes, it is a small and charming city but there are many places to seeing. Carolina and her brother picked us from the station and we started Christmas with Portuguese family! We saw old town, castle and geographical center of Portugal.

Then it was time for a real celebration and we met other family members. There were 16 people on our Christmas Eve and it was really fun 🙂 We sang Polish and Portuguese carols using karaoke…or we rather tried to sing. There was a lot of food and unfortunately I couldn’t try everything but I tried all kinds of wine and home-made liqueurs 😀 . On the first day of Christmas, we ate dinner together and had to go home. It was a great time and I felt at home!