All day out in Lisbon

I have been already in Lisbon, but I was not able to explore the whole city in every nook and cranny. Then, I decided to do it and made a plan in detail. I put the places that I have never been or I want to explore deeply in order. In the morning, I was going to wake up very early because I just wanted all day to be mine. I went to Lisbon from Almada, which took more or less 40 minutes. I got on the tram and then boat to cross the Tejo river.

I was curious about the area of Alfama where I thought about getting lost in the neighbourhood, but unfortunately, I did not… Thanks to google maps 🙂 While sightseeing in Alfama, I fell in love with the buildings, blue faience mosaics and effects of Fado music. Of course, it would be impossible to forget about cobblestone pavements. After reaching Se Cathedral Lisbon, which is the oldest church in the city, I started off for Miradouro das Portas do Sol and Miradouro de Santa Luzia whose columns are brilliant to see the whole city from above. The view was completely amazing. During all day, I could sit and watch the view there. I did not want to leave there at all but I had still a lot of places to visit that’s why I had to leave there regrettably. The same thing happened in Cascais, too.

My next destination was Sao Jorge Castle, which is highly extensive and has the highest tower in the city. The castle was gorgeous and looked like spanking brand new in spite of long ages. After the castle, I walked to Barrio Alto which means the upper district of the city, and then found bright yellow funicular which is one of the most famous symbols in Lisbon. It was nice for me to walk in the narrow streets. Also, the walls were full of fantastic graffites drawing everyone’s interest considerably.

Lastly, I was about to come close to my final destination, Carmo Archaeological Museum, whose most of the parts were destroyed in the 1755 Lisbon earthquake. I could consider myself lucky because I managed to enter before closing. To be honest, I had never been in a place like this. I was so influenced by these structures. It was a marvellous day in Lisbon. When I came back home, I realized that I had walked more than 20 kilometres, yet I did not feel any fatigue. It was worth it.

See you next week in Porto. 🙂