I am a big (not literaly :>) fan of sweets and I was extremaly happy when I got an information about the Chocolate Fest in Corroios. Obviously I couldn’t miss this opportunity to devour the infinite amount of chocolate-related food. Of course, I wasn’t able to do so – not because of my strict diet but because of my strict budget. However, I couldn’t say “NO” to everything so I decided to have a bite of delicious strawberry jam- covered cheescake made of 0% chocolate.

I wasn’t full with the single cheescake, the offer was too tempting. I found a pancake place and I felt like home. It was obvious – this is all I wanted. Caramel and strawberry jam inside and absolutely no chocolate. Anyway, I left this place happy and full. There is still a place for meaty and salty stuff if you got bored with sweets. Highly recommend!