Reasons to do an EVS.


     I want to say hello to the world. So hello world! To introduce myself: I am Laurane, I’m from France, I’m 18 and I write today because  it’s the first time that I leave my house for as long. Today, it’s January 14, 2020,  I am in Portugal since two days and I have to stay there for 9 months within the framework of EVS. It’s a great opportunity for me to come here, in Portugal, because I think I have a lot to discover and to learn and first of all I think I have to improve my English. I know that French are known for their bad English and I am the proof.

     For now, I don’t have much to say about Portugal and its daily life but I hope that I could discover it, see another way of thinking. I want to work about my open mind and also I want to learn Portuguese. Indeed, learning new languages is very important to me because I think language can be etheir a barrier with others if we don’t speak the same language or an opening with people and with the world. For now, I can see that it’s an obstacle for me because I don’t speak English well and I don’t speak Portuguese at all so it’s complicated to interact with people in Portugal. Therefore, I hope that over time I will improve these languages.

     I do EVS because I want to try as many experiences as possible to find out what I like to do, find myself and find my vocation before I start to build my future life. I think it’s all the more a chance to me to be here and to live this kind of experience because I am young and it’s a way to get out of my comfort and to build myself. Also, an EVS is a way to make a contribution to society and to try new things, to be involved in the world. Indeed, I give great importance seing things for myself. Finally, I do an EVS because, as I want to become a journalist, I think it’s important to be curious, to travel for discover new things, new people, new ways of doing things, to develop new capacities…

     I am curious to see how will be my life in Portugal and I hope I could share my experience as much as possible! Goodbye the world…and see you soon!

Laurane G.