Porto from a different perspective

As you know from Cisil’s previous post in last weekend  we were in Porto. I am enchanted by this city! It made a big impresion for me( but Lisboa is also beatiful) I will not describe first day with details because you can read this from my friend’s post. We visited Chapel of Souls and Sao Bento station where we saw azulejos – colorful ceramic titles. We also walked by the river and stopped for the break in one of the climate caffes and later we tried franceshina – traditional dish from this region. 

In the evening we met our host from Couchsurfing where we slept. This is a platform for travelers and locals to exchange experiences and cultures. We had a great time together and nice talk.

On our second day in Porto we went by bus to Matosinhos beach and we walked along the ocean to the lightouse. The waves was really really big and the view was amazing! In the afternoon we went  to the second side of river to Gaia again and we eaten lunch in small restaurant for local people. It was a nice and delicious trip!