How manage your stress before starting an ESC.

Hello, world! I hope you’re okay! The question I’m highlighting today is “How to manage your stress before starting an EVS”.

I know it’s stressful to leave your house to live in another country, with another language, another culture and another people mostly when we are young. Also, it could be hard to manage our stress. I mean, the hardest part for me was managing my stress and the moretime passed, the more I got there but I think there are some things that could help you and make your experience easier.  That’s why I want to give some tips and advice because I know that these are not abvious things.

First of all, you have to be really really organized in your research. There is no room for chance. For this, I proposed to make a list with a hierarchy of priorities. A list could be a good thing to show you what is  most important  and what you need to do quickly. With this method, you cannot be surprised and you can see your progress. Also, it’s the best way to plan your Project gradually and not having to do everything at the same time, you cannot be overwhelmed with work. However, even if you have to try to plan as much as possible, if there is something that you forgot to do,  you need to stay calm and see the options you have. I mean, you have already done the most important thing, it’s just details.

Also, my second tip is to do your research yourself and in depth to answer to any questions you may have. It’s normal to have interrogations but if you do your research by your owm and really understand what you are doing and why your are doing it, you will find that your interrogations will disappear gradually and you will relieve your stress. For each of your questions, write it down and be careful to do your researchto answer it. You will see that at the end, these  will only be only answers and no more questions. Furthermore, if you do your research by yourself you will be proud of yourself because you will really take part in your project. However, it’s important to have a support to have opinion on your applications, which EVS could correspond with you and your wishes for example with your family. Also, it’s really important to don’t feel alone.

I think I am giving you basic things to not be overwhelmed by stress and all these things could really help you to manage your stress. So good luck and see you soon, world!