The westernmost of Europe

Greetings from the westernmost of Europe: Cabo do Roca!

Even though I have been in a lot of different countries on my previous trips, all of which were amazing, Portugal is entirely a far cry from them as concerns its all natural beauties, particularly the Atlantic ocean. On account of having taken a great opportunity to be able to see such beautiful places, I have felt very lucky.

For all my life, I have become passionate for river, sea, ocean, etc. that I can not define at all. Whenever I am around the water, I feel like I climb the walls. My desire for the sea may derive from the fact that the city in which I have been living does not have the sea, but I guess there is no need for looking for a specific reason or something else. I am just fond of it because it is nice. It always makes me quite happy and relieved by all means.

Moreover, it allows me to find myself or go deep into my mind by forgetting about the real world. So, I can start to live for the moment at least. While listening to the sound of the water, all I can feel is tranquility itself. Cabo do Roca has made me feel like the same after a long time. I have lost myself there and found it once again, which is kind of refreshing your soul. I believe in the power of the nature.

Thank you the world for making me a part of this beautiful nature.