If you mention the winter for a Polish person, their imagination brings them some exact memories and images. Most of them include temperature below 0*, the snow, the frozen cars and slippery roads where you can easily break your leg, arm or neck just by simply walking your regular route to work. 

Portugal is absolutely different when it comes to winter. No snow, no freezing temperatures, no involuntary ice skating on roads. What’s more, the temperature and the weather in general sometimes lures me to go to the beach and catch some tan. T-shirts and sandals? Why not, it’s just 20*C. But don’t be suprised when 2 days later the temperature decreases to the level when you sit next to your computer with a winter jacket, blanket and a cup of delicious boling water because everything else is simply too cold. But don’t worry, it’s not everything. Out of nowhere, there is a few rainy days ahead – the perfect moments to take a deep breath and make up some books/games arrearages. After that, you can come back to the beach and catch some tan again. 

I like the weather in Portugal so much, that I made a point of taking nifty pictures of the beautiful winter at Sesimbra to share them to my absolutely not envious fellows in Poland.