How I fought against my shyness

Hello, world! I hope you’re okay! The subject I’m highlighting today is how I improved my shyness during my whole week in schools to do workshops.

Indeed, from 02 February to 05 February, all the volunteers were supposed to do workshops all together with Justyna and Nuno. We attended to workshops and then we talked about our experience. The goal was to make them think about their future asking then what they would like to do when they got older. “i don’t know” was an answer we have often heard. Then, Nuno gave them CVs explaining what is Rato – ADCC, the description of a project and caracteristics that the organisation was looking for. The differents groups had to do a hierarchy between these Cvs and explained why they did this choice. During this time, Nuno wrote on the blackboard the different competencies that students found in Cvs. It was a way of making them understand what Rato – ADCC was and what skills the volunteers applying for have. After that, every volunteers had to go on the blackboard and explain what were their motivations to do this project and why they adviced to do this kind of experience.

Nuno explained that this kind of workshops are really importants for this students because most of them thought of stopping their studies and it was important to show that they were others options for them. Indeed, a project with European Solidarity corps is really acccessible for everyone because it’s free and unrestricted diplomas.

I really liked this week because I learnt a lot and I got stronger. Indeed, at the beginning of the week it was very hard for me because I am a shy person. All the firsts workshops it was always embarrassing for me, not because I didn’t like what I did but because I didn’t feel good in front of a lot of people. I felt a real change at the last workshop. Indeed, I felt free and I really wanted to talk. I only thought about my wish to share my experience and not at the sight and judgement of others. It was really nice and I would like to do a lot of experiences like this one because my shyness is a point I really want to improve.

I know that I still have to make efforts to completely overcome my fear of the other and my shyness but with that, I made a big step. It was a really nice experience, I would love to do other workshops like this and I hope I may have helped the students find their way.


See you soon, world, for another article.