How I manage the quarantine

During this difficult time which is Covid-19, we are all in quarantine. The situation outside is hard and sad and we have to protect ourselves by spending a lot of time at home. It can be bored and too long so we have to figure out how to kill time. That’s why the subject I’m highlighting today is my own experience during the quarantine and all my goals.

Indeed, for me it’s very important to have goals in live and especially during this period to keep motivation.

Firstly, I want to improve my english and to learn portuguese. It’s not a new goal but we are in quarantine so portuguese lessons are canceled so I had to find a way. That’s why I downloaded an application named « Duolingo ». With this application I practice and learn everyday and if you don’t you will lose your progress. If you like challenges it’s made for you. Indeed, this application is in form of game. Everytime you will do your lesson you will win money. You have five hearts and everytime you will do a mistake you will lose one. When you end all your chances you can buy heart with money you won. It’s an educational game, easy to use and you can learn several langages in the same.

Also, my organization gave me the access to the Online Linguistic Support (OLS) to which we are entitled with Erasmus program. So I have two ways to learn portuguese and both are free. To improve my english, it’s really easy because there is a lot of ways like watching movies in english for example. Me, I improve my english especially by talking a lot with my roommate and by writing in english with people on social networks.

My second goal is to be more organized. Indeed, in my life I have a lot of ideas, thoughts and projects so sometimes it can be hard to be clear in my head. First of all, I write all my ideas in my book and I try to make a hierarchy for me to know what is the more important and where I have to start my research.

Then, I try to make a « to do list » per week. This list will let me to know what I need to do in my week. For me, it’s important to keep my objectives whether in my personnal life or for the work. Indeed, with the organization we started telecommuting but at home it can be difficult to keep motivation so it’s important to set goals and to see your progress.

However, it’s easy to forget something especially when you have a lot of stuff to do. That’s why I suggest to download « Google agenda ». It will create a planning for you, if you say that you have to play sport everyday it will put a reminder everyday at different hour and you can also create an event for a special day. It’s really easy to use, you will see your progress easily because when you finish an activity it will be barred. So with this application your progress will be more detailed and precisely because it’s daily and you will never forget anything.

The last point I try to work on during this quarantine, is to have a healthier environment. Indeed, I try to play sport and cleanse everyday, cook and take care of my skin because to be clear in my head I really need to have a clear environment and at the same time to have more motivation and keep a pace for my days. As usual, I have « Google agenda » to remind me of the tasks I need to do. Also, I have an application to play sport : you can see your progress, you can see and check exercices you have to do, you can choose the part of your body you want to work on. It’s easy to use and you will improve your body step by step. About cooking, I try to make new meals and about my skin I try different masks. For me it is important to take care of yourself, to have a good image of yourself to keep morale and have a guideline of your days and have a certain routine.

Finally, for me it’s really important to not become lazy and to be always motivated . As I said, we started telecommuting and to accomplish my work I need to organized my day to have time for everything. If I do a lot of things I will have a rythme and it will keep my morale.

See you soon for another article and maybe next time I will talk more about my work for the organization during the quarantine.