Tips and tricks

When you go abroad, and especially for a long term, there are many things to do before and during your trip. That’s why the subject I’m highlighting today is all the tips and tracks I can give you.

– Before going abroad and starting this new life experience you need to be organize to don’t forget anything. That’s why I suggest to everybody to make a list of the most important things you have to do and after you can make a hierarchy to know where you have to start. To make this list you have to know the most urgent things you have to do like delete a bank account, your phone number or buy a flight ticket for example.

For me, this is the most important thing to do before going abroad. Of course, if you go abroad for a tourist reason, you have to plan everything in each places you will go. In my case, it was different, we can say that it was for a professional reason because it was for volunteering. Whatever the situation you go abroad, I can advice you some application to simplify your life especially for a long term.

– First, the most important thing for me it’s how you will pay everything. For example, in my case, my french bank account didn’t work abroad. Of course, it depends but in this kind of situation, I suggest you to download « Revolut » especially if you are french because it’s a french application. However, my flatmate from Poland use it too so no worries, it works whatever your nationality. This app allows you to order a card with which you can pay no matter where you are. Indeed, there is no limit of country and you can choose your money. You can also pay online. It’s really easy to use, you can choose your langage and everything is explained.                       

– Always about money, there is another application named « Lydia ». This app is really easy to use and the principal action is to do a small transfer from one phone to another.

– Then, when you don’t have a car and you want to move by public transportation or taxi, I suggest this application : Moovit. I haven’t had chance to use it yet but all my friends in Portugal use it. You can choose your langage to understand better, create an account to save informations, download a card for when you don’t have internet… There are a lot of options but for me the best thing is that you can choose a route and they will show you the best way to go where you want to go.

-If you want to move, there is also « Flixbus » with which you can see lines and schedules for bus.

– When you go abroad especially for a long term, it’s really important to have something to help you if you have health issues. That’s why I download « Cigna ». This app is a bit difficult to use, I don’t understand everything personnaly but it’s really usefull and important to have this kind of option just in case.

– When you go in another country, the langaage can be an obstacle. To learn a language easily, I advice you to download an app like « Duolingo ».

– Finally, when you travel one of the most interesting thing is the meet new people. That’s why I suggest to use some applications like « Tinder ». It’s esay to use and you can meet people from the country where you are so they can show you some places for example. It’s really nice but you have to be careful when you meet people you don’t know.

Bonus : download « Uber Eats » if you want to eat easily and quickly. A delivery man will come to give your order and it works in most of countries.

Thanks world for reading my articles, see you soon !