A whole week in an online training during the quarantine

Hi everybody, I hope you getting well in this period complicated. The topic I want to talk about today is my training during this quarantine.

As you may know, when you start a project with the European Solidarity Corps, you will follow different training courses: the on-arrival and mid-term training. The training is a time when you talk about a lot of subjects with kind of tutors and above all put your project and everything that it includes. You also do some activites and share your experience. For this training,I was supposed to go with others volunteers in a place with a kind of tutors. Unfortunately, because of the Covid-19, it was totally impossible. They manage the situation as they could and an online training took place.

I admit that I was a bit disappointed to don’t meet people in real life. Also, I had some doubts about this process like how it can works, how we will manage the situation, if we will have a kind of connexion or not… Finally, they manage the situation very well and they did it like professionals. So, I’m going to explain a bit how it went : they emailed us a link to access the zoom meeting, they made a few slides and they shared they screen to allow us to follow better all the stages, they shared some tools to share our ideas (for example jumboard), they introduced themselves and we all introduced ourselves and they put us in some kind of breakrooms to make the situation easier for example to don’t talk all in the same time and maybe to allow us to speak with less shyness and to have some kind of better connexion.

I will share with you the programme of the meeting :

It was pretty well organized, and also even if I had some doubts because of my shyness it was pretty easy to talk with them. I really liked this experience because it taught me a lot especially about sharing. I mean, we all shared our experience, and so much more, and it really helps all of us. They were a lot of respect and comprehension even if we all thought in a different way or if we had different opinion. I realized that sharing was really important and not something really easy for everyone, especially when the tutor said “thank you for sharing”. I realized that we really need to be thankful when someone shares their experience or other things because it is something they don’t have to do but want to give to us. And I think it’s a wonderful way of thinking.

To conclude, I would say that this experience brought me a lot to think about my habits, my vision of life and sharing.