Uma viagem curta, uma aventura grande

Olá! Chamo-me Olga e sou da Polónia.

A few words of introduction – I am about to graduate from the university, where I’ve been studying intercultural relations. I know that everybody says this, but I really loooove to travel, learn about new cultures and meet inspiring people. I cannot imagine the world without chocolate and tea. Depending on the weather I like to hike and walk in the nature or stay at home and watch all the movies and series ever made.

This week I begin my adventure with Rato ADCC. As a volunteer I will have a chance to learn portuguese language, gain new IT skills, experience everyday life in Portugal and meet passionate people. At least that’s my plan…

Although I come from Poland, my journey to Lisbon wasn’t very long. Two hours in a comfortable train and here I am! Portugal has been my home for last four months, because I’ve been on Erasmus in Coimbra. Unfortunately, my adventure there was incomplete. Probably everyone already knows the reason why – quarantine. Instead of studying, travelling, exploring and having fun I had to stay in my room. The biggest adventure was a walk to the supermarket.

But I am hopeful, determined and ready for a new challange! I still don’t beleive that I’m here and I’m waiting for this realisation to hit me. Everything is one big unknown, but so far I’ve received nothing but help and kindness from mentors and other volunteers.

There are so many things to discover now. How to get to the office from the apartment? Where is the nearest shop? What’s hiding under my bed? But with time I will get to know the city, the organisation and people behind it. Can’t wait to be able to call this piece of the universe ‘home’.

Até já!