Change of plans? Não há problema!

Although reality might sometimes mess up our plans, it´s important to accept it, adapt and make the best out of what we get. Expect nothing, prepare for the worst, hope for the best.

I was ready to stay in Portugal for another 9 months, but life is unpredictable. Unfortunately, only one month must be enough for me. But even this short time can give me a lot. How to use this opportunity to the fullest?

First of all, I will try to learn as much as I can in Rato ADCC. After two weeks I already discovered the world of Photoshop or Camtasia for video editing. I test myself in writing a blog or recording a podcast. Digital skills and knowledge of the office environment is something that will definitely be useful in the future. But what´s more important, in the end my small actions and tasks might be helpful to someone.

I was hoping to learn and improve my portuguese during my project. Even though I will not get as much time as I thought, I can still do it. Going to the shop, using computer at work, listening to people in the office and on the street, reading the books and magazines I´ve found in the apartment… Language is everywhere, I just have to open my mind and let it in.

I am lucky to live with two other volunteers, who have quickly became my friends. Laurane and Rosa are very helpful, supporting and kind. They are perfect guides in my new world. Together we discover Grande Lisboa, deal with smaller and bigger challenges of everyday life and have fun on the way. We learn from each other about our countries and cultures, inspire with new music, films and ideas, talk about important issues and trivial matters… What I know for sure, is that people in life come and go, but everyone somehow influences your path. Appreciate them while you have a chance.

And finally, my free time. Knowing that my time is running out, I am more motivated to go out and see something new everyday. A trip to a musem, walk through the narrow streets of Bairro Alto or sunset over the Ponte 25 de Abril – I never know where my feet will get me, but I know that it will be amazing.

So how to make the most of the time we get? My advice – treat every new thing as a lesson, spend a lot of time with people who will lift you up and explore the world, don´t wait for it to come to you.