ESC, being abroad: positive

Hello, hello everyone, last time I promised that I will talk about all that was positive for me since I’m here. Here we are. Let’s go!
Why I’m happy to be here:
– I improved my english. Now I’m abble to express myself with everyone even I still need time to get used to the pronounciation of each person. 
– I’m getting more confident. Now, I’m not effraid to say what I want, I feel more comfortable with myself and with other people.
 – I met new people. For me to meet new people is really important because I try to be open minded and for me the better way it’s to discover new way of thinking, new opinions etc.
– I learn portuguese. I’m still learning actually, it’s a bit difficult since I know that my english improved I feel more comfortable talking in english but I really want to learn.
– I visit and see new places. For example, two weeks ago I went to visit museo nacional do azulejo. It was really beautiful and interesting.
– I’m free and independant (almost). I feel more free since I’m here and more independant. Indeed, I’m 19 and I’m abroad for the first time alone and for a long term. So of course I had to learn to be independant, to manage and to defend myself if I have problems. It can be difficult to deal with but it also helps you grow taller.
– New skills: I can use Camtasia, Audacity, I can write article in english, I’m abble to use Photoshop, I did interviews. I have now a lot of new competences thanks to what I do in the organization.
– I have learned about sharing. This is something I learned in the on- arrival training I did with Erasmus.
– I also have learned to be positive. Indeed, I always try to don’t focus on the negative things when I have a problem. Of course it can happens to be sad, angry or to be in a bad mood but the most important it’s to relax and know that it will be better. I also try to see the better about people and about myself. 
– Personnal: I don’t hide my feelings, I talk more, I’m more open to others people. This is really something I’m proud of, because I used to be shy to be myself and to talk. I did a real progress.
– My first time alone abroad. For me, it’s a really beautiful experience despite the problems I had here because it taught me a lot, from a personal or professional point of view it brought me a lot.
– I discovered new food: pastel de nata. The first time I tried this, I didn’t like. It was too sweet for me. But finally now I really like. I like to discover new dishes.