First Post of the year

Hello again, I have been a few weeks without writing because I have taken a vacation to come home for Christmas and be able to celebrate it with my family, but I am back, with 100% batteries and wanting to do things again.

This week is not only the week that I return, because of I have realized that I have been here 3 months, which is 1/3 of the time that I will be here. Realizing this and adding it to start a new year has made me aware of the things that I still want to do here in Portugal.

But in this post I do not want to talk about that, I may return to it in a future post, today I just want that after how strange it was last year, not even in the best science fiction film we would have imagined that this would happen, this year I am wanted to make up for “lost” time. In the last months of last year I made the decision to start this adventure and I have lived many things since then (and the ones that I hope I still have). This decision has led to many changes in my life, for the moment all positive, and I just hope that this year it continues along the same lines.

It is typical at the beginning of the year to set a series of goals and objectives, but if we had to learn something form last year, it is that we never know what can happen and how our plans can change, so this year I have decided not to do it and let this year I was surprised and decided what I want to do as opportunities arise.

And that’s all I wanted to say today, my vacation, my time here and what I hope for this year, so I only have to say Happy New Year and until the next post