Before lockdown thoughts

So officially today we had discussion about rules during the lockdown.

We have tasks to do and also we know what we can and what we can´t do outside of the house. There will be hard days for sure.

One of the biggest advantages of volunteering in Portugal is of course getting to know culture, visiting places, enjoying views…especially if there is nice weather outside. Unfortunately there will be no chance to do that in the next few weeks and we need to survive it. Next think is that we won’t be able to meet people from Rato, spend time with them and  learn from them. We will have conversations once a day about work but for weeks we will not see each other in other ways.

What will actually help us is the fact that we have a good contact with each other as volunteers and for sure we are not people that can get bored easily. We have our hobbies and we know how to organize our time.

We are just before our next experience in Portugal and that is how we should think about it.