What surprised polish girl in Portugal


Today, I would like to share with you what I observed during stay in Portugal.

Life here starts a bit later than in my country. Shops are opened at 8 o’clock and people usually work from 9 a.m. Nobody is in a hurry and being late is not something extraordinary. However, I appreciate it because I finally have time to take a rest from the rush and it makes me more calm. 

Next surprise is the size of the coffee. In Portugal there is a tiny aromatic espresso when on the contrary, in Poland we drink a big cup of coffee. Poles also love to drink coffee, but it is a bit less aromatic and tasty than in Portugal. We also drink a lot of it, but it is not such an important point in our lives, it is a kind of addiction often associated with work. In addition there bakeries are on every smallest corner and you can grab a coffee with something sweet for a low price!

Furthermore, I had no clue what It´s sweet before I came here. The variety of pastry is huge and the amount of added sugar is even bigger ;D. In addition if something is not sweet, it has a lot of salt. 

On the other hand, the sad astonishment is the lack of central heating. Portuguese houses are not easy to live in. Inappropriate insulation causes mold to appear on the walls. For Poles it’s unthinkable. Besides, in winter the temperature inside a building can be cooler than outside 🙁

 Finally, I would like to mention nature, which is absolutely amazing. The views are breath-taking and won’t stop surprising me. I am under the impression that Portugal is so beautiful. I hope to discover at least a half of these places!