Houston, We temos problem!

Good comunication is base of your comfort. Your personal soft skills and knowledge of language will decide about effects of your actions and quality of your relations with people and environment… I have no language skills in portuguese and I though that my english is not to very well.

I learn english for many years but in my opinion my comunication skills are far from fluent. I am here in order to ubgrade my skills. I am really full of optimism when I can talk with my boss and other employees of Rato. Every one word and sentence is for me like finding little gold rocks in the mountain. These are my little moments of happines, becouse it is why I am here. I suspected for my fellow-workers it can be difficult. They do not know that every one of little contacts is the most important experience for me now.

What do I have instead of language skills? Heart full of belief, determination to learn, nice behavior which safe me always when my english level iritats other people and I have friendly smile which tell you that I have good intention. I think that it enough becouse I am still a live, I develop my program, I can satysfite my needs, I meet new friends, I lerned new proceses and computer programs…

I am grateful for this possibility to collect experience. I am happy that I can train and develop my skills.

Last weekend provided me a lot of positive feedbacks. I participated in sunset cruise with concert of electro music. I met new people and I still chat with them. I told them what is my motivation and about my training, and they sead that: “hej, we talk and we understand you, so your english is not as bad as you think”. It was the best and most important feedback for me. Here I receive time to improve myself and I can make it in my own pace. I feel that in Rato I met people who accept me and help me direct my development.