Costa da Caparica and surf community

Is the stunning 26km coastline of glorious sandy beaches, powerful Atlantic waves and surfers who spend a whole day to practice their passion. Someone can say that this is a definition of paradise and you know what is opposite to this vision?  For example working in the office for whole day. 

Why we need to spend 7 hours in the office instead of for example 4? You know when u spending whole day in work, and after this you come back to your sweet home – usually you don’t have power and time to do what you want in your “free time”. I don’t know the reasons  why other volunteers come on the projects probably because they like helping people or they want bet on your self-development, learn new skills, but I know one thing. Young people like freedom (something which disappears when you growing up with ur age), and when u close them for 7 hours in office (probably in the future they will be work for 8 or even more hours per day) they aren’t satisfied with that fact. So my question is why we can’t spend less time in the work, but try to be more productive in office? 

 Surfing is a physically demanding sport, that will build and motivate a level of physical fitness at every level of the learning process. Any given surf session will provide a full body work-out. From paddling, to pop-ups to carving wave faces, a surfer will come out of the water having worked upper body and core strength, hips and mobility, and increased stamina. A greater lung capacity will result from duck-dives and hold downs. As you continue to learn to surf, the desire to progress will also act as a motivation to maintain a higher level of physical fitness and potentially make healthier life choices.Learning to surf often opens people up to a newfound respect for their environment, and even necessitates an awareness of one’s surroundings. Surfing allows one to experience a new perspective on the natural world.