Ultrapassando obstáculos

No matter where you live, life has its natural flow ups and downs. We have to keep on moving on despite all the adversities that occur. Last weeks were especially hard for me cause a lot of not friendly external factors accrued. During two days I’ve managed to break my leg and get robbed losing all my documents and money. I like to be well organized so I had my whole stay here planned around the amount of money I had. In one second all of my plans that gave me a sense of security disappeared. What now? It’s hard to not panic in situations like this one. You have to create a new reality and sense of stability for yourself. Surprisingly during my process of getting my documents done in the embassy, I could use some of the skills I’ve mastered while volunteering. The process of getting a good photo done ain’t easy so I’ve decided that I will do them myself. The knowledge on how to use photoshop came in handy. Now I have my new documents and also the skill of editing and retouching semiprofessional photos.

 Mantenha os dedos cruzados (keep your fingers crossed)