Dia de São Martinho

I have been in Portugal almost 2 weeks. This week on 11th November I had Portuguesse language class, where I learned about Dia de São Martinho. It was my first fest during my stay in Portugal. Our Portuguese language teacher senhora Herminia, she was so kind and nice, that she explained about this fest, she is always very lovely, she give a lot of love to students and treats us very special. Senhora Herminia explained that this day is a special day – it is the Saint Martin Day.

In Portugal they say: É dia de São Martinho. Comem-se castanhas; prova-se o vinho! It means: “It is St. Martin’s Day. We will eat chestnuts; we will taste the wine”. People eat roastes chestnuts (castanhas assadas) and drink Jeropiga. Jeropiga is a traditional alcoholic beverage of Portugal. It is a very sweet and delicious liqueur wine, it is prepared by adding aguardente (which is simmilar to Schnapps ) to grape must. So people drink Jeropiga and eat roasted chestnuts.

You can just buy chestnuts in a supermarket and roast them at home or you can also buy roasted chestnuts on the street. Also that day I had the opportunity to try this Portugese specialites. They are very tasty! Im going to roast chestnuts at home this weekend. I recommend you very much to try Jeropiga and roasted chestnuts!