5 things that surprised me in Portugal

I have been here for around 5 weeks. It is enough time to observe and learn from others. Of course, I learn a lot during my work in Rato. For example, almost every Saturday we have workshops in the office, and during this workshop we can learn somethings new. One Saturday we had Java Script workshop, where I learned a basic thing about Java Script. It was new for me and very useful, it reminded me of how to use html and I think it will help me later with creating web pages later. On last two Saturdays we had workshops about management and SMART method. SMART is an acronym, where every letter stands for something: S for Specific, M for Measurable, A for Achievable, R for Relevant and T for Time-based. So we could learn about this and create our own ideas for goals which were SMART.


Today I´m going to share with you the most surprising things about Portugal, which I didn’t expect:

  1. Lisbon and other neighbour are very green and the nature is unique. There are a lot of trees, palms, bush, flowers, and other greens, even cactus is very common here. I didn’t expect that specialty that now winter began and it is not very hot. The nature is amazing here, on very corner of a street you can see beautiful flowers like for example hibiscus or Strelitzia bird of paradise, many aloe vera and cactuses, and also the coast or Rio Tejo or the beach in Costa da Caparica with huge waves which is a paradise for surfers. 
  2.  Street art is very popular. It is very easy to find a graffiti on a wall. Many walls in Lisbon are full covered with graffiti. It makes the city unique and interesting. Specially Bairro Alto seems to be very colorful and full of graffiti. It is full of bars, clubs and restaurants and also full with street art. In whole Lisabon you can find many graffiti and big street art of building´s walls.
  3.  Amount of old people and how they spend time. Every day I see old people sitting in cafeterias in the morning. They are not in the hurry; they enjoy their life. It is very heart-warming to see all old people enjoying sun and sitting together with others, talking, and having fun, drinking coffee or walk their dogs. It is a bit different than in Poland, where old people don’t spend time in caffe places, usually they go shopping or sitting at home and doing some house work.
  4. Different food. I knew that see food is very common in Portugal but honestly, I didn’t expect this about of fish, shrimps, octopus everywhere. And it is also very hard to find vegan options here. At the beginning, it made me a little bit scared, because I’m not used to this food. I was afraid of eating in restaurants, to find there something which is simple and without sea food or without meat, but it is not hard to find it. Maybe there are almost no vegan options, but a lot of vegetarian options.
  5. Other thing which surprised me is, that almost every place is a good point to take a picture, there is so many good views and every picture will look great. There is a lot of sunset spots, and where you are in Lisbon you can take an amazing picture or every corner. The city is clean and ready for tourists and their cameras, specially now, on Christmas time the atmosphere is great and there are many nice spots to take a picture.

So, all of these things are great arguments to visit Lisbon and its neighbourhoods, to get to know something new about portuguese life style, slow down a bit our polish speed and focus more about art and sending time together with others.