Christmas holidays in Poland


Some days ago, I just came back from Poland. I went there for Christmas and New Year time, because it had been a long time since I haven’t been to Poland (almost 2 months) and also because other volunteers finished their project so I was alone in our volunteers home. I was very happy that I could go to Poland and see my family and friends. My plane to Poland was in the evening on 23th December, so I didn’t help my family with Christmas preparation, but I bought some gifts in Portugal for them so I was prepare to visit them.

Because of covid restrictions we decided to visit only grandparents who lives close to us, and we have daily contact with them. With rest of family the contact was only online because of situation, no one decided to travel through Poland to see each other. My family doesn’t follow traditions so that’s why we could have vegan versions of traditional polish Christmas food. The most famous polish dish is probably pierogi, and we had vegan pierogi for example with barriers, with strawberries and with cabbage and mushrooms. We also baked vegan cakes and they were delicious. 

I was really surprised with the snow, I didn’t expect I’ll miss snow, this noise when you walk on fresh snow or how it shines it the sun. Days in Poland are very short – it’s getting dark after 3pm so mostly I spent this time with family at home. Also New Year Eve I spent at home. It was very cold, and I didn’t want to catch any virus.

In first week of January, I came back to Portugal. I was a bit surprised that the home office is extended till 14th January, so now I work at home. It’s not easy since I’m only one volunteer for now, the way to survive it is to call my boyfriend and friends a lot, and going outside as much as I can, it’s very nice option, because weather outside is nice.