My first steps in Portugal

Olá amigos!

It’s nice to be here, a new volunteer in Rato- Associacao Para a Divulgacao Cultural e Cientifica.

My name is Jolanta for short you can also say Jola. I come from a small town in the north of Poland called Cieszenie. I graduated from the Vocational Technical School for Computer Science and then a bachelor degree of German philology at the University of Gdansk. During my study I started to work in a small company which gives training to adult people to get driver license for building machines, where I had in particular administrative and office work. In my free time, I support  voluntary activities organized in my region (mainly in sport). This is a great opportunity to meet new people and to strike up new friendships for many years. 

I’ve decided to take part in the ESC program a few years ago, because it’s a great opportunity to learn and to get to know another culture, nationality and new language. Recently I decided to get work in this context and find the best project for me, especially that I didn’t have too much time, because the project is just for people up to 30 years old. Everything happened very quickly. I found an advertisement from the organization Rato-ADCC that interested me, and I decided to apply. Especially that their activity is attached to my interests and my graduated profile at school, which I didn’t have to develop lately.

When I came to Portugal, it was not as green as in Poland, probably because of the temperatures (over 30 degree Celsius). I like to observe nature, so I took note of this. All buildings are pastel colored, usually in yellow, orange shades with a red roof. Life has its own rules here, everyone has time, not like in Poland when we are always in a hurry. I like it and I think it will not be difficult for me to get accustomed to it.

For now, I’m happy that I was chosen, and I could come here to exchange experiences with each other.