On-Arrival Traning, Jah Moment

Let’s continue where we left off in the last post…

There was a Pride Parade in Lisbon on 18th June. We have Pride parades in Turkey too, but I never participated in one. So I was really excited and we were looking forward to it. It was such a fun and inspiring moment. I could see how the parade made people feel free. 

The next day I went to Anjos.70 with some friends. Anjos.70 is a flea market but there is also lots of art. I met a girl who has an art stand there. She was so talented and I really liked her drawing style.

The next day was Monday the 20th, and I had a bus ticket to Viseu. That week I will be in Viseu for my on-arrival training, and next week we had a critical Jah Moment day in which we need to present all the things to the municipality. So I had to work on Monday morning before I went to Viseu. I designed and drew some designs for pins; a template design for tools and machines to their instructions. 

Between 20th and 25th June, I had my on-arrival training in Viseu. I was so excited and I had big expectations for it. Because Anna was there 2 weeks before me, and she had such a good experience, which she told with great excitement. 

My training was also amazing! I met lots of nice people, and I made good friendships there. All the people were so nice and sincere, we built a friendly atmosphere there. I liked all the sessions and activities. I really appreciate the effect and importance of non-formal education. Every activity had a message/lesson behind them and they were so educational.

After the training on Sunday the 26th, we went to Out Jazz. One friend from my on-arrival training and one friend from Anna’s on-arrival training joined us. I like how ESC connects people! The next day we went to Ginjal, for a more chilled and slow day. The view was amazing there!

On 30th June we have Jah Moment, so everyone was so busy that week. I designed more pins. I bought some fabrics for tote bags and embroidery on Tuesday. Wednesday was a holiday in Almada, so the office was closed. But I worked a few hours at home and prepared for Jah Moment. On the presentation/Jah Moment day, everyone in the office was with a tool or machine, and everyone showed how that machine works. Then Nuno, Gonçalo from our office, and more people from the Municipality gave some speeches. There were some journalists even! It was really an important day. 

Rato-ADCC has a stand in the Festival de Liberdade on 1st and 2nd July. We brought the pin and embroidery machine there. Some people from the municipality visited our stand there too. 

After the first day of Festival de Liberdade, Martyna was leaving. We went to the airport with Martyna. I’ve known her for only 3,5 months but it was hard to say goodbye. And I couldn’t believe how much we’ve connected in a short time! 

Here are some photos from Jah Moment: