“Cozinha do mundo” – International Lunch in Rato

Hello friends! Boa tarde!

Time passes very quickly in Portugal and when you’re working hard you don’t notice anything at all.

Today I’m going to show you a bit of behind-the-scenes life from the Rato-ADCC office. Volunteers from different countries provide their own culture and our task was to prepare a dish from our countries of origin.

I wouldn’t have thought everyone would approach this mission so imaginatively.

But the result has exceeded all expectations!

There were Portuguese, Belarusian, Polish, Turkish, Ukrainian and Spanish dishes on the table.

The variety of dishes on the table was impressive! Everyone put their heart and soul into their culinary creations.

Everyone has done a great job!

Happy and rested after a wonderful lunch, we continued our work duties.

When making this world a better place, sometimes you have to allow yourself a moment’s rest and everything will work out!