Olá, this is Sarah !

September is passing by quickly, my family will arrive next week already ! I’m excited. I didn’t see my mother and sister since january, if we don’t count facetime of course.

This week-end were very rainy. It felt like the sky really needed to release one month worth of rain. For that strong rain that lasted 2 days, we got rewarded with a beautiful rainbow.

This week-end, we went to Nazaré with Monya. When we hear about Nazaré, the firt thing we think about is its gigantic waves, right? So we were eager to go. So eager that we forgot to check a very important fact: when do those waves happen? Turns out that they happen between october and march. We went in the beginning of september like complete beginner. And there were, indeed, no waves in sight.



Of course, altough it was not as huge, we could still see big waves on Praia do Norte, but not as big as what INTERNET showed us. Maybe it can serves as a lesson at my big age.

Aside from this, the weather was unexpectedly good so took our time discovering a new city under the sunlight. We were greeted by beautiful landscape from multiples miradouros.

We also ran into a lot of ladies wearing their 7 layers skirt, as per the old tradition. Here is one of them with whom I had a full portuguese exchanged. I was so proud to understand and be understood! 

It was a good day. Nazaré is a nice break from the city, and I’m always happy to discover new places in Portugal. Something to note: I find Portugal in general very easy to navigate. Is it thanks to our current technology? Or did I just got used to it? I don’t know but it’s a nice thing.

Anyway, a busy rest of the month await me ! So, until next time.