On arrival training- Braga

The on arrival training happened after I spent 5 months here in Rato-ADCC in portugal. Let’s just do a recap of these 5 months in this blog post. It was good and bad, hard and easy, in all shapes and forms. I did so many things such as infographic, graphic facilitation, web design and a bit of coding. This on-arrival training did give me the time to reflect and see what progresses I made.

The training was one of the best training I was a part of. The trainer did cringey dancing activity for icebreaker, then an amazing team building activity , and a lot of other good activities, but being a non-European has its good things and bad ones too. One of those bad things is feeling out of place, but me being me, I can see the silver lining as in I can make my differences in the cultures and bring another perspective to the group.







And I did give a workshop about Palestine and what is happening in Gaza at the moment. And it was something emotional for me. Talking about my history and heritage and the thousand of people and kids that get killed in genocide. And giving my view against the western media view and their propaganda.   



Free palestine