The end of my adventure

Olá a todos, Sarah speaking. 

I know it has reaaaaaaaally been a long time, so long that I have 1 day left in my volunteering lol

For those pas few weeks, I enjoyed my time, I tried to see the people I’ve met for the last time (at least, for this year) and I visited some places where I really wanted to go, like Coimbra.

Coimbra was a really quiet city but Monya and I succeded in making it entertaining because we were together so we just talked and laughed a lot. Sometimes, when something sucks, it can create funny situations and memories.






Though, it didn’t suck that much, and at the end at the day we even ran into a Christmas Fair. The mood was good !








Regarding the work in the organization, I finished my final project last week ! It was really stressful to have a deadline but I ended up finishing right in time. I will present it today and I hope it will be useful to the next volunteers. I know that I will personally use it to (finally) learn Portuguese. 

Now that I have 1 day left in RATO, I’m actually stressed about all of the things I have to prepare, and a little in denial, I must admit.

The year I spent here didn’t really sink into my mind yet, and me leaving either. I think I will realize that when I will have a functionning suitcase first of all, and when I will be in the plane or back in France. 






I definitly enjoyed Portugal, the people I’ve met, the sun, and the creative freedom and polyvalence we had in the organization. I will keep all the memories I made close to my heart, and I will visit my new friends in their countries. Or, we will meet here again, definitly.







I am happy that I get to spend the end of the year celebrations as well as my birthday with my friends and family, though.

Thank you to RATO and ADICE for making this possible, and I hope I could contribute one way or another.