Viajando devagar

Thanks for checking out my first blog post! I’m Francesco, Italian, 28yo tomorrow (wasn’t expecting to get that far).

I really don’t know what to say: I’m really excited to embark in this opportunity and see where it will take me. I learned about Rato as I was looking for a volunteering position in the field of IT and technology (that’s my background) and I liked the idea learning Portuguese by “immersing myself directly into the source”.


Today I’d like to cover a topic I really care about that is Slow Travelling: it is basically the idea of avoiding highly polluting means of transportation (planes, hovercrafts, tanks, etc) while experiencing places you pass through with a more relax and community based approach. 

That is why I opted for travelling slow on my journey to Rato. It felt extremely time and money consuming but it was rewarding on the personal and ethical level: actually while comparing travelling options I found out that flying would have taken 1/15 of the time and 1/3 of the money, but I’m super glad I did. And looking back I wish I could have spend more times in the cities I stopped at instead of rushing through them but I had to get to Rato ASAP. Additionally, was super happy to manage to see a friend in Madrid for an hour and catch up!





Perceived me like this when I say “Coming!” for a meetup