Fortunella ?

Many times in my life I thought I could do everything by myself, that I was super-independent and could only rely on my own strength. However, in the past year, and particularly with this recent experience, I have realized how lucky I am. Lucky to be surrounded by amazing people who love me and support me in everything I do. These people are my support in difficult times and my shoulder to rely on.

The other day, while recording the podcast with Savas (small spoiler!), we were talking about how our being influences the people we attract into our lives. Throughout my various college experiences, Erasmus and other adventures abroad, I have always considered myself lucky for the people I have met. Probably, this means that my personality and energy attract these kinds of people.

I am surrounded by so much love and valuable people, whom I have been fortunate to meet at different times in my life. These people have enriched me at every opportunity.

In particular, during this period I have become even more aware of my good fortune, thanks to something that might seem trivial: visits from my friends. So many of them came to visit me, and this recharged my batteries and showed me how much they love me.

Every now and then I think, “How lucky I am!” And it is really true: if there is a cure, it is the people around us.