Gymbros… :^


So yeah met this guy in the pic about 2 weeks ago, very quite and avoidant fella. Turned out not to be just an agglomeration of muscles and protein shakes but also a very down to earth and friendly individual, you just have to scratch the surface a bit. 
We were kind of forced to get to know each other as we are sharing the room from the beginning of my stay. He still hasn’t kicked me out of the room, but complained that I speak too much in my sleep.. sorry mon frere: it’s a sign of relaxed sleep, trust me!

Last week, he got super excited (in his spectrum of excitement, so pretty close to a dead opossum) about getting involved with the upcycling project Mimi and me started. We tried upcycling some jeans and make summer bags out of them. I think we were all really satisfied with the results, we just have to work a bit on the marketing side of things 

Btw, Mimi is such an exceptional mastermind and tailor! :heart:

Hopefully we will start some other similar project in the near future and we could organize ourselves better. Looking forward to improving my sewing and pattern making skills.

Até breve,