Package from Poland

Last week I received a package from my family in Poland filling with some food essentials I ran out of in the last few months here. It is not like I cannot buy the same products here but firstly there isn’t much of a variety and secondly they are way more expensive, so I was thrilled to receive the package. 


I didn’t expect healthy food to be cheap here, but I had no idea it could be so expensive. At least the one I use the most. I was surprised after I checked the price on my first visit in a supermarket, especially when I mostly just bought vegetables and fruits. I had problems with finding some kind of nuts and when I found some of them the price shocked me and I stopped searching for them.


Another thing I couldn’t find is nutritional yeast. It’s very important for me because I need more vitamin B. Nutritional yeast are a type of inactive yeast, have exceptional nutritional values ??and health properties, which they are used not only in the kitchen. Yeast flakes are, among others a source of protein and B vitamins. They increase the body’s resistance, have antiviral and antibacterial properties, and lower cholesterol. So basically, all the good stuff!


For now we are still in the lockdown but as soon as we will be able to, I will buy postcards in Lisbon and send them as a thank you. Also, when I go to Poland I want to take some traditional Portuguese food for them to taste it.