Things I miss about Poland

It’s been a while since I left my hometown and came to take part in this project. I think everyone who left their country has things they miss. I made a short list of the things I miss the most because there is much more to miss than the things I’m going to write.


Family and friends

The thing I miss the most is people!  I miss my family and my friends. I miss spending time with them, even though we spend time talking for hours every day on video calls. Probably lockdown is also affecting it, but not in a good way for sure. 


My garden 

I miss having a garden behind my house. I could go and pick some fruits, herbs or vegetables whenever I needed them. There is a lot of work to grow plants, but there’s no better feeling than satisfaction of seeing them growing.


Forests and fields 

The village in Poland where I used to live is surrounded by forests and fields. This is how I grew up, I have these views in my mind every day. I spend so much time in forests, searching for mushrooms, wild blueberries or just to go for a walk. That’s what Polish views are for me, the village with nature around. 


Cheaper food

I am trying to eat healthy so after coming here I realised immediately that it’s quite expensive compared to Poland. Sometimes, when I went to a supermarket (especially in my first month here) and bought only vegetables and fruits, the price was breathtaking. 



Even though I didn’t have any problems with going to a doctor here, I think the healthcare here is almost unattainable. From what I’ve heard the public healthcare is not well organised for all of the citizens. 



I’ve never thought I would miss something I had for so many years and I didn’t appreciate it enough. I miss petting animals! I miss my dogs and my aunt’s dogs. I miss taking them to the fields and forests behind my garden and running with them after playing with them for a while.