Well, hello again!

Bem, olá outra vez!

Olá / Merhaba / Rojbas..

It has been long time that you did not have a chance to read my shitty blog posts, right? No worries, as the title states, here I am again! 🙂 I said that it was my last blog article till next time. So, that “next time” is now and this article is new beginning of my second Rato experience for the next two months.

As I wrote in the last post of me (click here to read the post named Saying Adeus to Miratejo and Lisbon), “Life, actually time, is passing too fast, so we have to use it very very efficiently and we have to have its benefits by sharing.”  In 5 damn years, I had (still have) a lot of things, moments, massive achievements, and lovely people in my life. Of course, there had been many difficult times, probably more than the easy and beautiful ones but as a great writer Gabriel Garcia Marquez stated in his biography, written by Gerald Martin, “Life is not what one lived, but what one remembers and how one remembers it.”  So, I remember the good ones more than the bad ones.

Anyway, life is like a river and it goes on consistently, without stopping, and we are the fishes in that water. That water took me 5 years ago to Portugal and has taken me here three days ago again. During this time, I was following RATO time to time as I always do in my life to keep in contact with good people here. Probably many people will wonder what has changed comparing 5 years ago when they read this. Like I said, time passes too fast and it is like I was never away from here. Okey, maybe like one year but no more. The maps that I had created in my mind while I was walking through the city is still valid. I recall in every step forward. About Rato, according to people, there are some small and big changes. What I have heard is, it is about to step forward to the next level. Because of these changes, office place has changed and I am writing this article right now in the huge space that Rato uses for lectures, trainings, some informative and other events. About people, Nuno likes me now more than before and still working hard for others. I have encountered Tiago in the morning and he is still doing his duties with his all the effort he has. Monica welcomed me with the same smile on her face and a tight hug, as usual. The boss, Justyna, is not here but she probably will come Thursday, I think. She better come otherwise she will miss to taste the gorgeous sweet that I have brought which is a traditional and specific one to my city. I can write about it later here, maybe.

So, why I came here and what I am going to do is the thing I will write about them later. However, if you read my last article that I gave the link, you can see that I said “Hope to have this photo again someday maybe somewhere else..”  We are so close to have that picture again and I am really happy (as the cover photo indicates that I am over the clouds 🙂 ) that my path of life comes across with Rato and Portugal once again even if it is for another short period of time. I think miracle of Miratejo made this happen.  🙂


Até breve!

Hosçakal(Turkish)/Bi xatirê te(Kurdish)