Who is the Cutest and the Best Portuguese Language Teacher in the World?


Olá, tudo bem?

In this article, I am going to try to tell you one of the vital things for me while staying here in Portugal, which is learning Portuguese to communicate with locals and the people who take and join courses/trainings here in RATO. The language is difficult in terms of pronunciation and the grammar itself if you compare with English because Portuguese has also feminine and masculine articles as many other Latin-based languages, and this leads changes in the grammar. The other situation with the language that gives you difficulty is the neccessity being sad while speaking the language, as Nuno says. Yes, it is true that you need to be sound sad while speaking Portuguese 🙂

But there is a person who holds painkiller in her palms for these headaches. So, probably only the volunteers who have taken Portuguese lessons here would know this gorgeous lady who has the title on the headline. That is why I made decision to write about this gorgeous lady to let you know whom you are going to meet. I told her and asked her permission aforetime that I would write about her and share her picture, so I have the right to do it.

Herminia is our lovely Portuguese language teacher who wins hearts of us volunteers, at least mine. Since day one, I have the feelings that I have written on the title. You can easily feel her energy of life and her kindness besides her love. I cannot stop compliment her because of her energy and a big smile on her face. As I told her already, you cannot have a bad day if you see her 5 mins before starting your day. She is a kind of an antidepressants 🙂

She is very classy in every sense, such as appearance, attitude, and the way of communication with people, and the way of living her life like a wise queen. In brief, she knows how to steal your heart. She also knows which wine is tasteful with finest quality. Well, try not to fall in love with her. 🙂

Her English is very good to explain you the language as well. She gives great examples and answers when you ask about the language. Listening her experiences and stories from her life with a lot of jokes is another awesome privilege. I was´nt suprised when I learnt first that Justyna was also her student. Since to write more about her would be rudeness because any words could be less to explain her, I will cut it short and share one of our pictures together to show her cuteness to you.

Look at her! She is the definition of sweetness like Alentejo wine in every language 🙂

Até breve!

Hosçakalin (Turkish)/Bi xatirê te (Kurdish)