A Pleasant Surprise in Braga: Real Madrid

Olá a todos!

I was going to squeeze this happy accident into the last blog post of mine that I wrote about the midterm training in Braga, I decided to divide and form a new article. So that I can fulfill the task 🙂

No no, it was already long enough and I thought it deserves a place under a separate title. I did not want to make this insignificant.

As I said, we had one free night after dinner (around 9 p.m.) that some have little time to chat and grow the connection. My roommate was a nice Slovenian volunteer, Urban. That free night day was his birthday and I wanted to celebrate with him by offering a drink to make him feel bit at home. I wrote on the group that we would go out for trying to see the city for 1-2 hours in dark in the rain 🙂 2 other volunteers came with us and we reached at Letra do Braga in the city center.



After arrived and took some pictures together, I saw a group of people near an historic building and I asked myself what are those crazy people doing there in this time and in this rainy night? At that time it was not raining luckily. After we approached that side of the square and I saw the hotel sign (see the Google streets screenshoot). The hotel was on the right corner of a historic building that I first thought it was kind a museum or something similar. 



At that moment I said “ahhh! Today, Real Madrid was playing against Braga and they probably are going to stay at this hotel.” Then me and Urban decided to go and joined to the crowd, and waited almost 1.5 hour to see the world-famous football stars closer, maybe have a picture with one of them. Our eagerness was for Croatian midfield master Modric. Urban said, one of his parents has Croatian roots so he knows some Croatian. So that he can call him in his language and we can have a picture with him.



I decided to change our place and I got a really good spot after discussions and calculations the hotel’s and the road’s position 🙂 We have seen almost all the players but could not have a chance to have a picture since the players went directly into the hotel. The game was tough and they seem so tired. I took a video but cannot upload here. After that we took picture together with the Real Madrid bus :))

Either way, it was a nice surprise for me, and I really felt that joy and excitement. Happy for the result 🙂

Até Próxima!!

Bi Xatire Te!


(Published 10.11.2023)