Repair Café Visit

Olááááááá a todos!!

I know, I am writing more last couple of weeks comparing earlier months. I wanted to keep up with the weeks that I did not write nothing. So, I am trying to write as much as I can to pour what I have in my pockets to make them public. The blog also functions as a memo book for my time and experiences here. I really care this actually even if I did not write many important events during my time here.

 Então, I have written some information about Repair Café in my last article and this will be the same topic but involves progression, of course. As the title states, I have been to one of the Repair Café session was at IKEA last week. That place always reminds my beautiful times in Sweden. My GOD, I cannot express how much I missed kannelbullar smell at the metro stations in the mornings. Anyway, I do not want to go further about this topic to stay on the line :))



These sessions are generally held at FabLab but sometimes it can be at other places, and IKEA is one of the frequent ones. Marta, the president of Circular Economy Portugal invited me for the session and I went to there in the morning by transportation that took a little long time since it is outside of the down town of Lisbon. At least one of the board member of Rato – ADCC was going to come with me but schedule was busy and we said lets go together next time. Outside of the IKEA with the beautiful blue color walls of it, seeing the flying flags of two beautiful countries where I feel at home was priceless. But that also triggered my feelings towards visiting Stockholm as soon as possible. I should shut up talking about this 🙂



The repairshop desks had been placed at the main entrance with a sign. I could not see at first since there were many obstacles such as children playground and many other garnishments, and called Marta. I was already nearby and she welcomed me when we saw each other. There were two volunteers, one of them is a cool retired American, who were helping the people with their malfunctioned utensils. I worked, and shared our stories with the American volunteer until the noon that we had 4 LCD TVs (one of them was before I arrived) and were able to fix two of them. The other volunteer was working on vacuum cleaners and other electronic devices.



When the lunch time arrived, they asked to go for the almoço and what I am going to eat. I said it can be Swedish meatballs as it is the traditional meal at IKEA. Here is important, that lunch with the various range of tasty food was provided by IKEA for free to the members of Repair Café. Swedes made me another nice surprise 🙂

To make you jealous about it, here are the pictures:



After the lunch, I stayed a bit more and came back to the office. From this visit, I have seen what and how exactly they are doing at these sessions. I took some notes about very useful knowledge that I have perceived from it, which was the main idea.  Their appointment book and excel sheet were the biggest outcome from this visit. Since they are doing one session each month and also my project comes to the end, I might go a full day for the next few Repair Café meetings that will be held at FabLab to help them out and learn from them. I did not talk about this with the bosses here but that probably does not hurt nobody but lets see 🙂


For now, that is all. I will discuss and share my updated thoughts and experiences with Laura to develop the idea when she comes back from her break. 

Até Próxima!!!