Junho 20, 2006

Cheguei a tempo…

…e finalmente uma grande parte do trabalho do Ville esta documentado.
Junho 5, 2006

I was acting…

…and look at the results. Brr.
Junho 1, 2006


Messejana. A small village in Alentejo, the most rural and the hottest (at least for me) zone in Portugal. Nice place, indeed. We went there to […]
Maio 26, 2006


O boze (more or less like that, it means ‘Oh god’ in the beautiful language of Polish). I was very sad some days ago, because my […]
Maio 15, 2006

European Volunteer’s Day

Abril 28, 2006

Wizytka Rodzinki

Po 8 miesiacach w koncu ktos mnie odwiedzil – szkoda ze tak krotko.
Abril 15, 2006

Back from the holidays

It is finally time to return to work. I had a lovely holiday with my girlfriend, who came all the way from Finland to see me. […]
Abril 4, 2006

Dni, których nie znamy…

Tyle było dni do utraty sił, Do utraty tchu tyle było chwil, Gdy żałujesz tych, z których nie masz nic, Jedno warto znać, jedno tylko wiedz: […]
Março 22, 2006

…another project in “Março a Partir 2006”

Lan Party…??? If you want to know more, you have to visit www.pn-lanparty.net