Janeiro 15, 2022

Home office

Because of current situation in Portugal, home office is mandatory. Since I am alone at home, I wasn’t really happy due to this. But today it […]
Janeiro 11, 2022

Christmas holidays in Poland

  Some days ago, I just came back from Poland. I went there for Christmas and New Year time, because it had been a long time […]
Dezembro 18, 2021

My first trip to Sintra

Last Sunday I went with my friend to Sintra. I was excited because it was my first trip there, many people who went there they really […]
Dezembro 11, 2021

Christmas decorations in Lisbon

My last trip it was a trip to Lisbon to see Christmas decorations. Streets are very well decorated, full of lights, big decorated Christmas trees and […]
Dezembro 11, 2021

5 things that surprised me in Portugal

I have been here for around 5 weeks. It is enough time to observe and learn from others. Of course, I learn a lot during my […]
Novembro 27, 2021

Winter came

… to Poland. Today is the day that first snow fall this year in Poland. It is much earlier than in previous years so everyone is […]
Novembro 13, 2021

Dia de São Martinho

I have been in Portugal almost 2 weeks. This week on 11th November I had Portuguesse language class, where I learned about Dia de São Martinho. […]
Novembro 3, 2021

First day in Portugal

Hello, I’m Martyna, I came to Lisbon yesterday, from Poland. I’m 29 years old, currently living in Warsaw. Some years ago I graduated in Management in […]
Novembro 2, 2021

O Mundo Fantástico Da Sardinha Portuguesa

The “O Mundo Fantástico Da Sardinha Portuguesa” shop in Lisbon was opened in 2016 and is located in the very center of Lisbon – on Rossio […]