Junho 1, 2023

Olá, Portugal!

I’m Anastas (they/them). I’m a new volunteer here, in RATO. Still not sure what exactly I’ll be doing here (yet), but I’m very open to this […]
Maio 23, 2023

Memorable Journey to Madeira

Embarking on an adventure to the picturesque island of Madeira was an opportunity I couldn’t resist. Joined by two enthusiastic volunteers, Jola and Sarah, we set […]
Maio 23, 2023

Some news :D

  Hello everyone, it has been a very long time ! A lot of things happened, so I’m going to do a quick resume of it […]
Abril 27, 2023

Computer skills – workshop

Recently I had the opportunity to lead a training session for the first time, which was aimed at Somali refugees. I conducted the first session, in […]
Março 31, 2023

The First Complaint (Part-1)

Oláááá! Bom día! If I am not wrong, I think it will be the very first that I will not talk about good things. Sorry for […]
Março 22, 2023

21 Março, Início A Portuguesa Primavera

Olááááá! Bom dia! Hope you have been missing me a lot! At least my boring blog articles 🙂 Today is the first day of my third […]
Março 9, 2023

Street Art – an integral part of Portugal

Portugal is the country of eternal sunshine with beautiful views and delicious food, but not only that. What captivated me already in the first week was […]
Março 8, 2023

Photography Workshops

Photography is a beautiful form of art that can capture the essence of a moment in a single image. It can be used to tell stories, […]
Março 8, 2023

Rato’s anniversary

Boa tarde a todos! It’s Sarah again. 😀 Actually, my last article wasn’t that long ago, but let me update you anyway! The days passed by […]