Setembro 17, 2021

It’s not always easy.

The first two weeks seems a good time to make the first summary of what I have learned during volunteering. Is my volunteering a dream come […]
Setembro 14, 2021

Bananas de Madeira

(EN) More than 80% of all banana production is exported to mainland Portugal. The most popular variety that has been grown in Madeira since the 16th […]
Setembro 11, 2021

Jet laged wellbeing

I wish I could write an inspirational story. If you’re looking for one. This it´s definitely not the one. I arrived in Lisbon on national suicide […]
Setembro 7, 2021

Deep House

Deep House – is a subgenre of house music created from a combination of Chicago house with jazz-funk music. It is loosely defined by the following […]
Setembro 4, 2021


Tenho estado a pensar em quantas coisas aprendi nos últimos 7 meses. Afinal de contas, o objectivo deste projecto é sair da minha zona de conforto […]
Setembro 3, 2021

Expectations didn’t take me.

I am 23 and come from Poland. My life taught me that I should always have an attitude distanced. My first day here is moving on […]
Setembro 1, 2021

Houston, We temos problem!

Good comunication is base of your comfort. Your personal soft skills and knowledge of language will decide about effects of your actions and quality of your […]
Agosto 31, 2021

7 meses em Portugal

Ultimamente, estive bastante ocupada e nem me apercebi do tempo a passar. Já passou mais de meio ano desde que aqui cheguei. Depois de um pouco […]
Agosto 25, 2021

Carl Cox

  DJ and house / techno producer. He started his career in the mid-1980s as a hardcore and acid house DJ. He then performed as the […]