Novembro 30, 2023

The end of my adventure

Olá a todos, Sarah speaking.  I know it has reaaaaaaaally been a long time, so long that I have 1 day left in my volunteering lol […]
Novembro 29, 2023

Repair Café Visit

Olááááááá a todos!! I know, I am writing more last couple of weeks comparing earlier months. I wanted to keep up with the weeks that I […]
Novembro 22, 2023

Repair Café Project

Olá a todos!  In this article, I will give some info about what is Repair Café? and why am I writing on this topic?  Repair Café […]
Novembro 10, 2023

A Pleasant Surprise in Braga: Real Madrid

Olá a todos! I was going to squeeze this happy accident into the last blog post of mine that I wrote about the midterm training in […]
Novembro 7, 2023

Finally, Midterm Training!

Olá a todos! After long long time, finally I went to the midterm training took place in Braga between the dates of 23-26 of October. The […]
Outubro 26, 2023

On arrival training- Braga

The on arrival training happened after I spent 5 months here in Rato-ADCC in portugal. Let’s just do a recap of these 5 months in this […]
Outubro 20, 2023

Manuel e Maria

Olá a todos! It will be my shortest blog article. Yayyy!! I know that the title will not make sense for many of you. I was […]
Outubro 18, 2023

Z-Report of 7 Months

Olá a todos! No worries, I will keep it short, but not that short 🙂  The featured image tells that I sat down, thought about what […]
Setembro 26, 2023

How I Lost Almost 10 Kilos in 4 Months

Olá a todos!! I decided to write about being a skinny guy, in such a small time for me, while eating good. I have got many […]