Novembro 20, 2019

End of the Year

I can’t believe that the year is about to finish soon. Where did the time go? It was so fast. I decided to not to go […]
Novembro 12, 2019

My first solo trip

I have been in Portugal almost 2 weeks. At that time I was with other volunteers in Casilhas, Almada and Lisbon but today I want to […]
Novembro 9, 2019


It approches. Relentlessly, ignoring any obstacle. Everyone is scared of it, but it doesn’t care. It just comes, slowly embracing all of us with it’s freezing […]
Novembro 5, 2019

Nova voluntária

Olá!  Sou Paulina e vim da Polónia para Portugal. Tenho 23 anos e estou procurando meu lugar na terra. Vou participar no voluntariado do RATO. Nos […]
Novembro 2, 2019

New crew member

Bom dia everyone! I’m Michal and today I’m starting my adventure in Rato ADCC.  My plane landed yesterday . I’m very excited and I don’t know […]
Outubro 8, 2019

How to deal with Portugal

It’s going to be fast and short. As a coffee addict, it was a cultural shock and isnpired me to draw a comic. Enjoy! 
Outubro 3, 2019

prehistoric necropolis

Have you ever been in a natural cave, or do you know anything about caves and how was it create? Well, this time I will tell […]
Setembro 28, 2019

Let your brain rest

Have you ever been stressed? Maybe some of you are stressed quite often and are not sure how to deal with it? However, have you ever […]
Setembro 26, 2019


If you visit a city for the first time, you should definitely look at and pose in front of all the popular sights monuments and the […]