Hitchhiking trip to Obidos/Peniche

The sun woke me up early last weekend. I thought it would be shame to waste this time sitting at home. I wanted to visit Obidos –  small, charming town and Peniche – famous from ideal conditions for surfers. My budget is limited, that’s why I decided to go there by hitchiking. Already before I had experience with this way of travelling and I really like it. During holidays I was on the hitchinking trip with friends in Litwa, Lativa and Estonia. This is an excellent method to meet new, interesting people.
The first step of my trip was to catch the car from Lisbon, The always beginnings are the hardest so I had to wait about two hours for car. But later was only better. I talked with driver on the interesting topics. The second catching was already faster. In about ten minutes I was already in car straight to Obidos.                                                                 
Obidos made a big impression on me. It was a wedding gift for queen of Portugal. The whole city is surrounded by brick wall. Behind the main gate we can see the small painted houses and narrow streets. Above the city there is a castle. I went through the whole city and it was time to ride on. I arrived quickly to Peniche and I was able to go to the sunset. I said bye to the sun and I enjoyed this time! In the morning I woke up with view on the ocean and cliffs. The weather was perfect and I went to the beach. The waves weren’t too big but there were still many surfers. In the afternnon I started my return trip. It went unexpectedly fast!