Package from Poland

I have been here for more than 3 months. Although a lot has been going on for these months, only in recent weeks I started to miss my family visibility more than before.

Even though we don’t have a lock down, we can´t visit so many places as before and we are forced to stay on weekends at home. I hope that it will work and soon we will be able to get back to our life. But these days reminded me of evenings when I stayed with my family playing Scrabble, watching films, talking about everything and enjoying the moment. 

That’s why I was really surprised and touched when my mother called me with news that soon I will have a surprise. This surprise appeared with a 15 kg heavy, big, taped and foiled package with love from Poland. It was a really heart warming experience that I will never forget. 

Between many warm clothes (I used to complain about changing weather, no heating and rainy days) there were spices that I can’t find here in Portugal and really miss, a lot of goat cheese that I really love, some cosmetics, masks and lot of jars that are filled with delicious things made by my mother. They even thought about ´´op?atek´´(Christmas wafer), Christmas leds and angels, just in case, if I would not come back for Christmas. I hope I will be able to 🙂