Lockdown routine

Lockdown became part of my life too, even though I didn’t want it to experience this during my volunteer project in Portugal. Now the only thing I can do is stay at home even when the weather outside is so nice and it’s getting warmer. 

I decided to focus on things that are positive about that. SoI will share with you my daily routines and things I do to not get crazy. Some of them I already do, some of them I will hopefully. 

  1. List of meals that I will eat during lunch/dinner – when we get news about lockdown I decided to go shopping and buy things that I like and I am able to do. Because of closing schools we are not able to eat 3 days per week so it is kind of a challenge to control money that I spend on food. So I bought things and created a list of things that I can prepare. It helps to have control of things that you have and saves time.
  2. Work – thanks to people in Rato we have daily reunions at 10:00  to sum up what we have done and are going to do. It also helps to organize our work and day. 
  3. Exercises – I love to walk so for me lockdown is a nightmare…especially that I hate stationary exercises. I am not the kind of person that likes to visit the gym…but there is one kind of exercise that I really liked and I can see effects fast – face exercises. I plan also to improve more parts of my body if I can find inspiration to….
  4. Books – reading is always a good option to choose…especially that now I have a lot. I wonder if I will finish them by the end of the project. 
  5. Hobby – in my case it is drawing and painting. Thankfully I have everything to do, so it won’t be a boring time for me. Another hobby – photography needs to wait a little bit for better time. 
  6. Family and friends – we are not the only people who suffer because of it. So it is important to have contact with them. 
  7. Plan what to do in the future – lockdown will not stay with us forever I hope…and my project is ending soon. It is a good time to prepare myself for what to do next even if thoughts about ending this project are not so comfortable. 
  8. Learn language – because of closing schools we are not able to have portuguese lessons so I need to figure it out on my own how to not forget everything I already know.

There is a lot to do and to be honest I don´t know if I will have time for everything…. 🙂 I hope this time will pass fast and we will come back to normality soon.