On arrival training

Last week I had my on arrival training. It wasn’t exactly what I expected, but I think it wasn’t bad. I would say it was very informative. I know the online training my flatmates had was not really prepared to be online. They were prepared to do it in person and it didn’t work well like this.

My training on the other hand was well prepared and I had really amazing trainers. We could see they did their best to explain and talk about everything we needed to know. I asked other volunteers and I think we had a lot better activities to do online like games and quizzes but also with some new knowledge. We played a game ´Millionaire’ about Portugal! We had a bit of time to talk and get to know each other but in my opinion it wasn’t enough. I’m sure it would be a lot better if we all would be in one place, because we could talk as much as we want with everyone, not only with the people we had in a group. Unfortunately I didn’t have a chance to talk with all of the volunteers on this training.

I made a few friends in the same week, one day after the training finished I met two new volunteers! It was great to talk about our projects. We found some similarities and differences, but also we talked about where we are from and interesting things about our countries and traditions. 

I hope I can meet them again in the future but also meet a lot more volunteers to share our experiences with volunteering. Let’s hope the pandemic will not ruin my plans. 🙂