Agosto 10, 2022

Actualizações da vida em Portugal

Há quanto tempo não nos vemos! Desde essa altura que tenho de escrever mensagens em português, por isso vai haver definitivamente menos texto 🙂 Desde à […]
Agosto 9, 2022

Mondays can be great too!

Hello again! 🙂 It’s been almost two weeks since I arrived in Portugal, so I want to share with you my impressions of the trip together […]
Agosto 4, 2022

New Adventures in Portugal with Rato-ADCC!

Privet! Pryvit! Hej! Hallo! Hello! OLÁ! My name is Cyryl and this is my story of volunteering in Rato-ADCC. Today I’m going to tell you about myself and the adventures […]
Agosto 2, 2022

The Beginning Of The Portuguese Adventure

Olá! My name is Ewa and I’m the new volunteer in Rato-adcc.     One day I was scrolling through social media when i came across […]
Julho 28, 2022

On-Arrival Traning, Jah Moment

Olá! Let’s continue where we left off in the last post… There was a Pride Parade in Lisbon on 18th June. We have Pride parades in […]
Julho 20, 2022

My first steps in Portugal

I’ve decided to take part in the ESC program a few years ago, because it’s a great opportunity to learn and to get to know another […]
Julho 14, 2022

Workshops and Beautiful Portuguese Beaches

Olá! A lot has happened since my last post. I was so busy that I had no time to write any blog posts. But I took […]
Junho 22, 2022

Marcha do Orgulho LGBTI+ de Lisboa

    ….com certeza vou falar sobre essa experiência, mas primeiro vamos falar sobre o trabalho e o que aconteceu no escritório.   Google programando formações […]
Junho 4, 2022

Intense Work and My First Workshop

On the week that I injured my wrist, we had so much work to do. On 7th May, I went with Nuno and Gonçalo to Santa […]