Janeiro 20, 2021

A little about me…

Who am I? Hi, my name is Ada. I’m 19 year old and I came here from a small villeage in Poland. I’m going to stay […]
Janeiro 16, 2021

New Lockdown

After almost a year we shut ourselves up at home again, if they told us this a year ago, no one would have believed it. But […]
Janeiro 14, 2021

Before lockdown thoughts

So officially today we had discussion about rules during the lockdown. We have tasks to do and also we know what we can and what we […]
Janeiro 8, 2021

First Post of the year

Hello again, I have been a few weeks without writing because I have taken a vacation to come home for Christmas and be able to celebrate […]
Janeiro 7, 2021

Holidays in Poland (Christams, New Year)

I just came back from Poland where I was for the holidays. It had been a long time since I didn’t see my family and my […]
Dezembro 17, 2020

What I miss (what I forgot) / where are my books?

Do you know this feeling that you forget about something after leaving the house? I have this feeling each day and my friend from Spain can […]
Dezembro 16, 2020

On-arrival training – this time ONLINE

Last week I finished my on-arrival training, after two months here I was waiting for it since they had told me a lot about it and […]
Dezembro 9, 2020

On-arrival (online) training – final thoughts

After more than 3 months of being here I finally have my on-arrival training. Today I want to share with you my final thoughts about this […]
Dezembro 3, 2020

I don’t know how to do it is no excuse

Today I would like to talk to you about something I have been thinking about in the last few days, but first I want to start […]