Agosto 8, 2023


As I struggle and suffer with the idea of identity in the way of: How our personality starts to be developed ? Or what are the […]
Agosto 8, 2023

From one week to another

Olá a todos ! August is advancing slowly but surely. The schedule for Festa de Corroios has been given to us . We will work until […]
Agosto 8, 2023

Cristo Rei

Monya and Julia, my fellow travelers, accompanied me when we decided to visit Cristo Rei in Almada. We opted for the bus to get closer to […]
Agosto 4, 2023

Struggling With Electronic Trash

Olá a todos! Since I am writing long and some tiresome blog articles, people who read (or give up on reading after a few paragraph  😀 […]
Agosto 1, 2023

August is here, the sun too

Olá everyone ! August is here and with it came a really burning sun. I walk down the street and I start to wonder “why is […]
Julho 26, 2023


Starting to be a part of the workshops it’s an amazing feeling to have especially when I haven’t done it for a long time – because […]
Julho 26, 2023

Falling in love with Lisbon

Ola, bom dia!! We, Julia Monya and I, went to visit Lisbon. We had to take the tramway then the ferry. Arriving there we decided to […]
Julho 26, 2023

The First Complain – Part II

Olá, boa tarde a todos! It has been sometime I could not write here but I have many stories in my pocket to write here. But […]
Julho 25, 2023

On the trail of miradouros

Miradouros are nothing else than viewpoints that are very attractive not only for the tourists but also for the locals. The most characteristic trait for all […]