Setembro 30, 2020

It is all about moving on

Last days were really emotionally intensive for me. Two of our volunteers finished their project and got back to home. I was with them with more […]
Setembro 26, 2020


Last week I had an opportunity to visit some places in Portugal during my holiday. I saw a part of Lisbon, which I haven’t seen earlier, […]
Setembro 19, 2020

Volunteering in Portugal: debriefing.

Hello everyone, Welcome back for a new article. As I already said, I’m about to finish my project here so during the last week, I thought […]
Setembro 16, 2020

Take a chance and take a year off

  Last year I was facing a difficult decision. I had just finished high school and I wasn’t quite sure what to do with my life next. I […]
Setembro 15, 2020

Soft skills – team work

  As you already may know there are hard as well as soft skills that might be helpful in your job. In fact it’s more difficult […]
Setembro 12, 2020


Hello everyone, I’m finally back for a new article! After three weeks in vacation in my home country and one week to finish my work I […]
Setembro 11, 2020

Observatório de aves

Before I came here I was excited that near Miratejo there is Observatório de aves, where  there is a possibility to see flamingos. I have been […]
Setembro 3, 2020

Seville and Cádiz checked. What´s next?

Hello!! So, one month has officially passed! One month, two countries, few new friends and 25 more days left. Among them my birthday.  As I mentioned […]
Setembro 1, 2020

Art around the corner

You may or may not like modern art. You may like to or may not like to go to museums to see paintings of famous artist. […]